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 The blog hop is sponsored by B'Sue Boutique creative group. Our challenge for this blog hop was to choose one out of four stamping and change it up from the way we would normally use it adding some vintage flair.  
 Mine started with this stamping. Normally we use for making cuffs. It took me a couple of days to figure out what I was going to do with this. As always what I came up with all changed when I received my order from B'Sue's Boutique.  Never mind all that for now. I came up with a real brainier idea to cut this stamping in half. My idea was to take it and make a two stamping necklace. Yeah Right.... easier said than done. All the filing to get the metal smooth. Man was that work. After filing for at least a hour I discovered my dremel. Wow! What a difference! You should try it.

What started as two like I wanted turned into one when I received my order from B'sue's Boutique . I decided I would try several different techniques with this design.

 I started Messing with fire.  Brought out the torch. Of course I had to get some lessons from my friend, Harry Wood. thanks for the insight Harry.                         What's better than mini assemblage? You can do so       much with this technique. I have really missed doing this. While making this I found that I was really drawn back in, and you thought I just did clay.
I was really drawn to this acrylic rauten rose stone that was sent in my goody bag, the sparkles are amazing. The little dragon just had to protect them while letting you know that this was full of gems, see what they're holding. I added my vintage  flair by adding pearls keys and of course some vintage chain and a tassel of chain and pearls!  I don't think tassel are going anywhere for a while.   This baby will be a hard one to part from, so I decided to build a line of these.

I would like to thank Brenda for testing me and inspiring us all. 

Get your coffee, sit back and join me in checking out all of the participants of this blog hop. Now let's go see what they came up with. Should be Great!!!!

The list of participants for this Blog Hop
Brenda Sue Lansdowne

Jewelry Making Outside the Box

Mary Deis

The Rose Sword


Jann Tague

Clever Designs


Lori Beekman



Renee Hong

Fine and Dandy Jewelry


Cynthia Wainscott

Exotic Peru Jewelry


Dana Hickey

Magpie Approved


Mary Beth Quigley-Spiker

Q Settings


Karen Eaton

KJewelry Creations


Shari Gardner

SLG Jewelry Designs


Alison Huie

Ally's Baubles


Pamela Anger

Novegatti Designs


Carole Carlson



Cindy Peterson

Howling Dog Jewelry


Marcia Tuzzolino

Aurora Designs


Charlotte Smothers

Sea Horse Ranch Life


Catherine Shattuck

Victorian Rose Boutique


Kelly Wymer

Winged Wisdom Enchantments


Clare Wells Nemeth

Papercrafting Magic


Erin Whitacre

Shattered Time


Lynda O'Mara

Lomara Creative


Ginger Hammond

Lynn Leigh Designs


Ingrid Anderson

Lilis Gems Artisan Jewelry


Deb Beechy



Harry Wood

Oscar Crow


Delyssa Maxwell

Past Time Fancies


Paula Gaskill

Lovely Layla Bugs


Irene Hoffman

Heart's Dezire by Irene


Alexandra Sefton

Imaginary Jewelry and Altered Art


Leslie Carver

Adorn Divine Designs


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PictureThe left one is the one I made
 I have not posted anything in while, so, I figured it was time to share with you the challenges that I faced in the creative process of my work. Most of my work is built on my own inspirations; a lot of time, I have to challenge myself. 
Last summer, I was talking to my husband  about birds. I was pointing out that I haven't seen many Cardinals or Blue Jays lately.  This made me wonder, what has happened to our state bird? Of course, as he's a male, you can imagine the reaction I got. As I was having this conversation, what do I see in the tree of my back yard? You guessed it, a Cardinal just as pretty as I remembered. It was once told to me, "get a bird feeder and birds of all kinds will come." Not true. It's all in the bird seed that you put  in the feeder!  When I moved recently I started seeing all kinds of birds, including Cardinals, of different colors that I have not seen before. I have always seen the red ones which are truly beautiful
.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I challenged myself to make this state bird that could be worn as jewelry.  It's now time for me to go to work.      The first step to this process was a  basic sketch of the shape. I can't draw, so, it was a very basic sketch. Then I formed my clay into the basic shape, and started all the details and texture of my bird. It took a couple of weeks to finish the bird, but the results were grand! I think I got it pretty darn close. You be the judge. It sat for many months as I brained stormed over how I wanted to design the necklace. Every time I went to work on it things got in the way. I had a wedding, there was no way I could miss it. I don't think my best friend of28 years would forgive me, run a community group on Facebook, do swaps, take care of family, while running a daycare out of my home. When I finally got back to thinking about the designs of the bird I had no ideas. I tried putting it on chain, kumihimo rope,and ribbon, nothing that I tried just didn't make this bird pop like I really wanted it to.
The bird sat longer. I was really at a stand still with this bird. I just needed something that would bring elegance while keeping a realistic look .While I'm brain storming this bird. Someone sends me a link through Facebook about a contest for all polymer clay artist for jewelry making... Hmmm. Still brain storming even more now.  Many days had gone by . It finally came to me one day as I was  letting my dogs out to  play. Right across the yard sits a dogwood tree with a bright red Cardinal sitting on the branch.Wow!!!! I've got it, so, you see you never know when it may come to you, or even if it will. My challenge was completed when I made the bird, but I wanted to take it further 

Be sure to challenge yourself!                                                                                                                                    See where it takes you!

The first batch of dogwoods
Ribbon represents the branches of the dogwood
The bow isn't working. Got to go!
The end results. What do you think? Do you think I achieved my challenge, creating something that's elegant while keeping a realistic look
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